Cloud Based POS/Billing System

From Rs.800 per month


සිංහල, English, தமிழ் support

A dedicated support team to help you tailor your business

Minimum rates in Sri Lanka

To be the most affordable POS software in Sri Lanka

POS System in SHAD Computers Youtube Channel

A series of videos in Sinhala on how to use the system

Easy use & Save time and money

As it is a cloud system you can use the computer you currently have.

Support from experienced business consultants

Manage your all business needs

Whether you are a small or medium business, Storemate pos system will cover all your business operations to manage in a single place.

Billing with POS TerminalCash & Card Payments
Manage Live StockCash flow with Expenses
Barcode ScanComprehensive Reports

E-Commerce Integration

SHAD POS System can completely integrate with your e-commerce website. It will handle your inventories and the orders in a two-way sync system.

Customers will see the actual stocks on the website and both shop orders and online orders can be managed in a central system.

Currently supporting Shopify, Woo-Commerce, and custom e-commerce sites


POS Terminal & Billing

Ability to print sales invoices, bill sales through various payment methods, print invoice including discounts and customer information

Daily, Monthly, Yearly Reports

Ability to view yearly monthly and daily reports on business transactions

Stock Management

Ability to manage stock level at all times and adjust inventory and re-order quantity

Expenses & Cash Flow

Ability to record basic expenses (employee salaries, bill expenses, etc.) of your business and know about cash flows and flows in the business

Bar Code Scanning

Ability to customize barcodes, read barcodes printed on products, customize invoice, create and print your own barcode label

Cash & Credit payment handling

Ability to make all payments related to cash and loan sales as well as purchase invoices

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I see a live demo?

Yes, We will provide the live demo with our consultant. After the live demo, you can request a trial version for testing.

2. Can I get a trial?

Yes. After the live demonstration, you can request the full access trial account for testing purposes.

3. How do you guarantee the privacy of my data

Everything is listed under our agreement and we will provide the better grantee for your data security. See privacy policy

4 How can I do any customizations

Yes, we are considering your customization request. We will schedule your request for monthly release. Based on request it will be chargeable.

5 What if my internet connection is lost?

Now there is a more powerful connection than before. but if you suddenly have an internet failure you can keep the backup connection. Ex: When power is lost we can use a generator.

  • Is it difficult to spend a lot of money to buy a pos system?
  • Still not sure if it fits your business?
  • Will the service be good after purchase?
  • Is it doubtful that the people who installed the pos system will be found later?

SHAD POS brings you solutions to all these problems.

Pay only for usage

(You pay for your phone bills, water / electricity bills and payments. ?)

  • You can use it for Rs.800 per month.

  • The registration fee is Rs.7000 only.

  • You can choose the packages that suit you.

  • Monthly / Yearly packages.

  • Payments can be made by Debit / Credit Card, Online Transfer, or Direct Bank Deposit.

Why is SHAD POS rapidly gaining popularity in Sri Lanka?

  • There is a dedicated support team working throughout the day to help you get used to the pos system.
  • Because you pay a small monthly fee, customer support is provided throughout the time you use the pos system.
  • There is a Youtube channel with Sinhala video on how to use it. (One and only support channel for a POS system in Sri Lanka)
  • It has over 200+ customers across the country.
  • You can start all the work with the help of your existing laptop or desktop computer.
  • Payments can be made by Debit / Credit Card, Online Transfer or Direct Bank Deposit.

Complete Support Tutorials. (Sinhala)

We are continuously adding tutorials about the SHAD POS system. Subscribe our youtube channel. View Channel

SHAD POS can apply to


General Pharmacies, Medical Dispensaries, Channelling Centers

Fashion & Clothing

General Pharmacies, Medical Dispensaries, Channelling Centers


General Hardware shops, Paint Shops, Machine Equipments, Agents & Distributors


Groceries, Mini Super Markets

Electronics & Electrical

Home electrical shops, computer shops, Mobile phone shops, Agents & Distributors

Computer Shops

Product Warranty, Purchase Payments, Product Variations, Billing


Book Shops, Communications, Agents & Distributors


Pastry shops, Bakeries, Juice Bars

Super Markets

Cashier Billing, Batch Numbers, Barcode Scanning, Weight Scale


KOT, Manufacturing, Food Products, Billing

Retail Shops & More

Purchasing, Product Inventory, Returns, Cashier Billings, Barcodes


Phone Shops

Product Warranty, Purchase Payments, Product Variations, Billing

More questions? Give us a call

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We can help you to make sure that you will buy this software for a long term investment

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